Levels of Training:

  1. Basic Training (Level 1):

    Basic Training is a 1-hour training workshop that equips qualified individuals on the principles and practice of leading lead a 1-hour Intentional Discipleship Bible study. You’ll learn how to prepare and lead a life-changing Bible study, using the intentional discipleship process. You are introduced to powerful leadership principles such as “Lombardi Time, the “59:59” rule, and how to “mine for gospel gold” – all proven principles for effective small group leadership.

  2. Advanced Training (Level 2):

    This 7.5-hour training seminar will help you rediscover the New Testament principles of disciple-making. You’ll take an in-depth look at the Biblical teaching on the Great Commission and understand the Biblical definition of mathetes – the Greek work for a disciple. Then you will learn the principles Christ used to train the twelve apostles. In this training, you’ll learn the four types of small groups and the five key differences between a regular Bible Study and an Intentional Discipleship Bible Study. You’ll learn how to identify and train key individuals for leadership and how to start new small groups. Lastly, you’ll learn how to handle group problems that threaten to derail your small groups so they can continue to grow and multiply.

Types of Training:

Webinar Training:

Online Training is ideal for an individual who would like to access the training on his or her own schedule. The online training can be done from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer (a headset is helpful). It takes only about 1-2 minutes to access the first training session. After that you will be able to jump on the training session is seconds. 

The Trainer will guide you through all aspects of the training sessions. The presentation will be entirely instructor-led, but you have the opportunity to ask questions about the material you are learning.

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Live Training:

Onsite seminars are available for larger groups such as churches or groups of churches. All seminars are led by a DTI Certified Trainer. In addition to covering the entire Advanced (Level 2) Training, the live seminar allows the participants the advantage of in-class role playing and practice.

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